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The correct location for a variety of natural stone tiles for floors, walls and roofs!
We specialize in African slate and provide the largest variety worldwide.

To photo gallery African slate Limestone
Special slate: Namib Dessert Türksisch: BLACK en BLUE
Unique : Ghost Stone Weergave tekst Turkish and Asiatic

Due to the fact that we import directly from the quarries, we are able to offer you the best prices, as no middlemen are involved.
We also provide access to qualified technicians to assist with the laying and installation of our products.

Additional products
Stone tables Bassins Garden accessoires African Art
Natural stone tables Basins Garden accessories Water features

In addition, we provide a variety of exclusive African products, such as : a genuine Botswana garden swing-bench, artistically drawn items, and a variety of water ornaments and features for your garden.

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