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    Best suited for interior use, our marble cladding is set with sophistication and luxury to bring a unique design element to any home or professional space. Slabs are cut into slim layers to create this stunning cladding and give marble a different appearance from other products like tiles or countertops. These slimmer cut pieces of stone allow for the choice of a simple or more complex looking textured wall.

    Marble is unique in the sense that it will instantly add significant value to a property while at the same time adding an element of luxury to any room. It can also be cleverly used to create a more dynamic appearance by combining different shades and textures of this material.

    Why use marble cladding

    Cladding as a general architectural tool offers a variety of desirable benefits, from insulation to wall protection. Marble cladding does just the same with added benefits that arise with the use of this luxurious natural stone.

    Our high-quality materials come in a range of stunning colour solutions that retain their natural colour and radiance for years when used in interior spaces. This natural stone is also fire and heat resistant, making it ideal for added protection to your property walls and added insulation to your space. Brighten up your environment and make your space feel larger with lighter marble. The reflectiveness of this stone also contributes to the spacious feeling it can create.

    As a natural stone product, each piece boasts its own unique veining and markings that make one slab completely different from the next. This means that no two installations will ever be the same, giving your space a totally unique and bespoke feeling.

    This material is an excellent choice for those looking to revamp their way, with the environment in mind. Our range of natural stone is ethically sourced, meaning that you can have peace of mind knowing that the materials used in your project have been taken from sustainable resources.

    Using marble offers a timeless look that is guaranteed to add value to any property. Additionally, this material is perfect for all budgets as it offers a high-end look at a fraction of the price.

    We offer the following finishes

    Due to the various textures and sizing options available, your final choice is guaranteed to be a unique feature that can be customised to the existing style of your space. Our marble can have the following finishes applied to it:


    A polished finish is achieved by using fine abrasives to remove the smaller surface flaws present on marble. By doing this, the marble is left smooth and reflective and is given a distinct colour depth that cannot be attained through other techniques. Choosing a polished finish is guaranteed to brighten up your space.


    For those who prefer a matte finish, honed marble is the recommended finish. Rather than the shine attained from a polished finish, honing this natural stone allows it a more natural appearance. Choosing a honed finish can offer a bold mixture of textures to your space.

    For those looking to add texture, a brushed finish is the recommended choice. This finish adds a stunning texture to marble that highlights its best qualities without making it rough to the touch. This matte appearance is a timeless addition to any décor theme.

    We offer quality

    At Africa Range, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with only the best natural stone solutions. As leading marble suppliers, our cladding solutions are of the highest quality and, when correctly maintained, will add years of beauty to any space – whether it be for a residential or commercial environment.

    Our marble cladding is available in a range of finishes, colours and patterns. These different characteristics ensure our natural stone cladding will complement a range of décor styles. If you are interested in elevating your space, our team can assist with everything from marble flooring to cladding! Feel free get in touch with our team.
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